Gerard Atwood

Name: Gerard Atwood

Kiev Moriarty

Age: 28

Chosen Faction:Abnegation

Faction Born in: Erudite

Job: Abnegation  Supreme Leader


He is selfless and cares much about other people. He loves helping and making this a better world by not being selfish. Being former Erudite, he is also fairly smart and knows what to do in the right time and how to do it.

Kiev Moriarty

Gerard Atwood -Abnegation Leader · Former Erudite
Age= 28 Status= Single
Height=5'10 Weight= 154 lb

 – "The selflessness found in life is an immaculate pledge."

His face serious, and his eyes piercing."Do you need anything that I can help you with?"


Lara and Horace Atwood had Gerard in a soft morning of late May. The birds chirped and the wind caressed anything in its wake swiftly. They wanted their son to be very smart, just like them, but as he grew up, he had more interests on helping other people, and in return, being helped back, although his parents didn't seem to get it as he did.

Years went by and although he hung out with Erudite friends of his, he still liked helping, and had a strange fascination for a friend of his (actually his best girl friend) that was Abnegation. She would always help him in ways that he didn't even think possible. So he wanted to help her really bad.

When his parents noticed that he was getting along with her, they made him promise that he wasn't going to talk to her back since she was "a bad influence". So in his teenage years, he started to be with Dauntless people, and although he got his reputation back, and the kids were not so bad, he still missed his friend and he promised himself that he would be in Abnegation. Now he was to prove it.


Being from Abnegation, he has a lot of Political, power, yet, he does not use it, in wrong ways. He also has a small knife with him just in case.

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