Devon Calder

Owned by: DrXax

Just follow me and run like your life depends on it. Because it does.
Full Name: Devon Killian Calder
Age: 17
Faction: Fervor
Faction Born In: Fervor
Job: Runner's LT

Be careful... Don't die


He is very complex. He may be badbutt, but fun at the same time... just beware and try to make friends with him... He likes getting into fights, so unless you're a bodybuilder, you're better not being his enemy. He is also flirty... yet- he will wait for you to flirt him first, and then he'll start. He is also sometimes snobby and may seem arrogant ot cocky, thinking that he is a better social level than you are. He is working on that, trying to be more humble, and he is making it, but slowly. He loves sports and is very athletic. He loves to run and doing a lot of sports. He takes very seriously his family, but isn't a totally family guy. He is brave, but prefers to have fun than having a short lifespan. He loves his twin sister, and will protect her until he is dead.

A small gun, knows mixed-martial arts very well.

Melissa and Graham Calder met in a party of their best friend, Deborah. That same night, they talked and talked until they got drunk and met in a room and you know what happended... Melissa got pregnant and since Graham did fell in love with her, they got married even before they both new she was pregnant. Then Devon was born, and 2 minutes later, Acacia did.

Since little, they seamed to have a bond. They played together and usually had the same friends. However, Devon and Acacia had different interests and personalities. Devon always seamed to have a protective feeling towards Acacia, especially when their father died from The Flare(hope you get it Malik... LOL). They were very sad, but Devon had no choice but to assume his father's place.

Both of the twins loved having fun. As they had pretty much the same friends, they would go to the same parties etc. Devon always having a different girlfriend in each. That way they both forgot about their father's dead, that is, as much as they could.

They liked their life as it was, so they never had an interest in changing faction, so they kept the same way and hoped for the Aptitude test to say the same. Hopefully they were Fervor enough to keep there.