Christian Grey
Pristine Initiate
Owned by: ~The Musician~

Full Name: Christian Grey
Age: 17
Faction: Pristine
Faction Born In: Erudite
Job: Pristine member


General Status
Christine currently lives in the Pristine faction. He could usually be found in the Zen Garden or at the Purifying Fountain. He is currently single and Heterosexual But, is only 17 so he's just looking to have some fun.

Christian is the loner type kinda guy. He likes to hang out with his friends but would usually like to spend his time alone Listening to music or taking pictures since he love photography. One day even tho it's not in the Pristine faction jobs he would like to be a photographer. Christian can always smile no matter how broken or hurt he is on the inside

A Cross Bow and a Small Gun

Weapon Images

It was the night of December 20 when white fluffy snow fell from the sky. The night was silent and all that could be heard was the msic coming from the Fervor faction. Suddenly the silence was broken with the cry of a new born baby name Christian Grey. Ashley and Joseph Grey sat in the hospital room looking at here new baby and loved him.

As he grew up Christian was quiet popular. He had many friends and many girls that wanted to date him. However Christian always like to be alone so, simedays he would spend with his friends and some days he wouldn't. He liked to keep up with the fasions of today. When he started school Christian became even more popular and had even more friends. Christian's friends were kids from the Pristine faction since they were perfect and he always loved to look perect.

One day when Chritian was about 16 he came home to find his house was turned into a crime scene. Christian ask where his parents were at and was told they had been killed. Christian was furious but since he was so young he couldn't do much. As he grew up to the age of 17 he decided to join the Pristine faction so that one day he could find out who killed his parents