Carter Powell

Name: Carter James Powell


Age: 24

Chosen Faction: Pristine

Faction Born in: Dauntless

Job: Pristine "Supreme" Leader


He likes to be the spotlight, although. However, he doesn't like making tantrums to call attention, just doing things that he is best at, showing off every time he has the opportunity. He is flirtatious, however, not arrogant, but not modest. Very complex personality. He likes having many girls but if he really really really really likes someone, he will be awfully faithful. He sometimes feels lonely.



Cameron and Virginia Powell were a happy Dauntless couple, both were transfers from Erudite and met while their initiation. One fateful day, they conceived Carter. He was born in a windy November dawn.

Never had a boy been so attached to his family, actually everybody thought that he would like to stay in Dauntless. Even himself, but one thing let to another, and those big Dauntless kids bullied him from time to time, and he got beaten many times. However he started to become more disciplined in his studies and became more popular, his thoughts were mostly pure, he just payed more attention in class, and his grades went up.

But he became popular for his looks and trained to mixed martial arts to defenthimself from bullies, which, having the personality that he had, he didn't mind, although, like I said, he wasn't arrogant... He just went with it, and accepted what people said about him... as long as it was good. If it wasn't, then a fight was put in place. He got tattoos before getting into Pristine.

Since he was very physically trained he excelled Pristine's physical initiation, and from his thoughts being pure, also the mental part was easy for him. When he turned 19, he was already the faction's leader.


A small tube that has a button, if pressed on, it quickly releases a smoke screen that makes people either getvery dizzy, or in some extreme cases even faint for a few seconds. The smoke needs a full day to recharge itself fully again. Since he is Pristine, he only uses it for defense.