Candice Lovejoy

Owned by: DrXax

I believe that wonderful is not a matter of fact, but a matter of inner beauty...
Full Name: Candice Diana Lovejoy
Age: 18
Faction: Fervor
Faction Born In: Pristine
Job: Member

Wonder is never full, there is an infinite of wonders.


She is very sweet, but disciplined at the same time. Being born at Pristine made her that and her feelings pure as well, but she wanted more fun than being either a doctor,or a soldier. If you get in her way, she will get you out of it in no time, and just by herself. So.... just be careful. She is very straight-minded and if she wants to achieve something, she will, or die trying. She may be a hothead to the people she hates, but if she like you, she will be very pacient, knowing that you need time for yourself.

Twin Daggers


Joel and Carla Lovejoy were just a regular Pristine couple. Carla was a psychologist, and Joel was a soldier. One night, they concieved Candice. The next day, Joel went to a battle and unfortunately, he died. Carla was very sad and depressed, because she was pregnant and her husband had died. When Candice was born, she gave her all the love she could for two people.

Candice went to school and she was like the smartest non-Erudite kids in her class. Allthough her grades were low, but she didn't know why. She started to go to parties to have fun and to not think about her father. When she was sixteen, she decidedthat she didn't want her husband to die as his father id, so she started to get along with the Fervor's more until she got convinced that she belonged there.

Now, she needed to show the world she was convinced about it... and this time it was for real, no backing down, no turning back.