Ava Maddox
The Smart Maddox
Owned by: DrXax
Ava Maddox

"Although my most important thing in this world is my family, don't mess with me."
Full Name: Ava Joy Maddox
Age: 17
Faction: Erudite
Faction Born In: Pristine
Job: Erudite Member

"Live, Love, kick butt"


She is very structured in her thoughts, and disciplined. If she weren't as smart as she is, she would very probably keep being Pristine. However her intelect and curiosity won. She is very strong-minded and will have her values even over her friends, but never over her family or beliefs, that's why social pressure doesn't affect her. Although she is Erudite and all that stuff, she is still pretty outgoing and fun for an Erudite girl.

A one-handed crossbow in the form of a glove that she always has on her hand.

Ava Joy Maddox was born to Alejandra and Enrique Maddox on a morning when the roses bloomed, on April 21st. She has four siblings, the younger, Lucas, Jayce and ____________; and the oldest, Scott. Being one of the eldest of the five Pristine children, she would be watching and protecting her siblings, although she was strict, she felt loved by them.

She was the joy of her parents, she always made them proud, by getting straight A's and having the highest qualifications both in her whole generation and in her family. She loved her family over her friends and thought that if she ever changed from faction, she would never believe in the rule "Faction before Blood". However, she had a special bond with the youngest, Lucas. Although he was quite different from her, and he sort of was a rebel, she felt that he, in special was kind of her reponsability. Never to the point of him getting stressed, that is.

She would join at recess both Erudite and Pristine guys. She was, in a way, popular, and not only in her faction, but in most. She was never bullied, as people had respect both to her, and her family, as it was very wealthy. She had always a boyfriend, and she would always be the one who cut them. None of the seemed enough for her. They were either too dumb, or too undisciplined, both of which she hated if it weren't from the Maddox family.