Ariadne Hackett

Name: Ariadne Kimberly Hackett


Age: 18

Chosen Faction: Candor

Faction Born in: Dauntless

Job: Candor Leader


Being a former Dauntless, she is crazy, but knows the risks that are either worth it, or not. She also will lie by being extremely honest, which makes her even more honest(hope I explain myself). Playing with fire is her favorite thing to do, as well as manpulate people with her "hypnotizing" British accent, which seems to do the trick most times.

Ariadne Hackett Candor Leader · Former Dauntless
-Beautiful Utopia

 – Truth is a matter of dignity. While Lies make up your life.

She smiles "Are you happy? Then tell your face so!"


She was born in a humble dauntless family, being raised as a lone daughter, she was spoiled, and became a brat, gaining her popularity in school. The her parents talked to her seriously abou it, and she needed tp stop. Her mother was an alcoholic and his father was a workaholic. So two "aholics" and a brat didn't seem to be an effective team. She would mostly

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be alone in the afternoons, as her "friends" were mostly phoneys just tyring to get popularity.

When she was 12, she started to get together with some Candors, which inspired her to be more honest, since she discovered months after that they were true friends. One day, while her mother was driving drunk, she crashed into a tree, but luckily survived.She noticed that if she kept being in Dauntless, her future would probably like that.

Her mom finally apologized for her alcoholism, but sh had become paralitic from her waist-down. That was a risk she wasn't sure she would take. As years went by, she became more Candor, with not even herself knowing. And as we all know that time flies, her aptitude test was just at the corner, meaning, today.


Verbal, as well as a small camera that releases tear gas, just in case.

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