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Name: Piper Davis

Gender: Female

Parents Faction: Abnegation

Desired Faction: Dauntless

Least Desired Faction: Candor

Current Age: 16

Appearance: Rosy skin,but pale, few freckles across the cheeks, light brown eyes, dirty blonde hair, 5'8

Personality: I do not like all things feminine,although I am gradually accepting them. I am somewhat you call boyish, but still girly.I am good with musical insturments,especially the bass guitar. I also know martial arts and is well-trained in sports. I am fond of wearing combat boots,and tying my hair always in a knot. When I need to show myself, I dress in gray all over but not in dresses, although I have occasionally put them on, due to my mother's insisting demands, but I still wear my boots. I love to read books (do not associate this with Erudite) and drawing. I am also good with mechanics and computers. I also bite my lips until they bleed,out of habit. I also like to travel,love animals, and a good run is always stimulating.

History: I am Piper Davis, but everyone calls me Pipes. I am 16. I want to transfer to Dauntless due to my being adventurous. I want to rise and fall at the same time. I want to be good to everything,to be intelligent and knowledgeable about the world but wise in my decisions, to solely speak the truth (a few lies can't hurt), to be fearless and take on the challengs of the world, all in synchronized simplicity.

I was always sneaking out at night to practice self-defense,to read books, to play music. I was always sketching, everywhere,anytime. Girls avoid me like I'm an infectius virus, because of my being boyish. Few guys have hit on me but I somehow always turned them down.I like to be one of the boys,and that's that.

Weapons: Dagger, Gun


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  • Being abnegation, attacking someone, would be selfish, let it be defending or attacking reasons, so Piper wouldn't know martial arts. You could say that she wants to learn and if she does get into dauntless, then, in dauntless, she can learn them

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