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Name: Lucas Achilles Maddox

Gender: Male

Parents Faction: The faction in which your character was born in

Desired Faction: Fervor

Least Desired Faction: Dauntless

Current Age: 15


Personality: Lucas is very protective of his siblings, even if they're older. Lucas is the trouble-maker of the family, always pranking and causing fights. Lucas is the definition of flirt, if there ever was one. He's really into sports and has a not so good reputation in his current faction. Lucas is a kind, just and fun guy when he isn't too involved in a girl. If he is too involved, he's over-protective, arrogant and ignorant. Lucas is quite the disgrace to his faction, but he doesn't really care. Don't mess with his family, or that's the end of you.

History: Lucas Achilles Maddox was born to Alejandra and Enrique Maddox on a chilly October 3rd. He has three older sibling, _____________, Scott Maddox and ____________. Being the youngest of three pristine children, his siblings were extremely over-protective of him. They were always watching him and defended him if he provoked any fights.

His parents were utterly disappointed with Lucas, as he was a rebel and was not disciplined. They hoped he'd change, so they tried many things. After consecutive fighting, pranking and even being spotted making out with multiple girls, his parents gave up. When they gave up, Lucas began going more relaxed. His attitude improved, but once he hit puberty, he worsened again.

His popularity rose and he began caring more of sports, not studies. He was always around Dauntless and Fervor kids. Especially the girls. Nobody could keep Lucas under control. Even his siblings. When his siblings slowly began drifting apart, Lucas came to his senses. He immediately tried getting under control for his siblings' sake. Lucas even bought a mansion with the money that he inherited from his grandparents' death. He made his siblings move in. Luckily, said mansion was in the Faction-Neutral area, so no matter what faction they were in, they could always be together in the end.

Weapons: Lucas has a set of throwing knives and a bow with quiver of arrows.


No test is needed, as he's merely a child.

Your Results are Conclusive

Updated Divergent Universe Conclusive

The test concluded that you shall be Future Member of Fervor, Pristine born. But that's not the end of it! You now need to make a page for your character. When you finish that, add your Character's name in its faction and then role play with the character that you just made.

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